[Urban Feeds] Tech Hacks You Should Know

Here are a few tech-related tips and hacks that allow you to get work done faster. Read on to find out more!

Never hit the full stop key again

Photo credits to Touch Pals

Simply hit the space bar twice for a full stop when you type on mobile devices. The next letter will be automatically capitalised too! Save the hassle of switching to the punctuation keyboard!


Shortcut keys while playing YouTube video

Photo credits to Freepik

Press K: To play or pause a video
Use L: To forward the video to 10 seconds
Use J: To rewind the video to 10 seconds
Press M: To mute sound to the video
Click F: To put video to full screen
Up↑ and down↓ keys: To put volume high or low.
Press home: To get back to the start of the video.


Use emojis on desktops

Photo credits to Pocket Lint

Do not limit the use of emoji to only mobile phones, you can use them on the desktop too!
For Mac: Press control + command + spacebar to get the emoji menu.
For Windows: The latest version of Chrome has an emoji menu. Simply right-click anywhere you can type and click “Emoji” in the menu to access all the available emojis.


Create a WiFi QR code for your guests

Photo credits to QR Stuff

Tired of repeating your WiFi password to every guest that visit your place? Create a QR code that allows them to connect to your WiFi network. Visit QR Stuff to generate a unique QR code based on your network details. Download the exclusive QR code and print it out. Place it at your living room area and you’ll never have to give out your WiFi password again!


Play a game while the internet is down

Photo credits to Google Chrome

When your internet connection is down and Google Chrome browser shows you an error page, press the spacebar to start a T-Rex game! Have a game while waiting for the connection to resume.


Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ to speed up charging

Photo credits to ebuddynews

The easiest way to speed up the charging process is to switch your phone to ‘Airplane Mode’. This is to shut down mobile phone’s connection that runs in the background. Studies show that charging time is reduced up to 25%.


Minimize all open windows except for the active one

Photo credits to 9gag

The coolest way to minimize all the windows except the one that’s active is to shake the window. Click and hold on the frame of your current window, move repetitively and quickly to the left and right. You can also press the ‘Windows key + Home’ to perform the same action.

Make your life easier with these hacks and consider adding these tips to your list of efficiency-boosters!