[Urban Feeds] Interesting ideas on how to repurpose old clothes

Have old clothes that are taking up space in your wardrobe but find it a pity to just discard them? There are a few ways to repurpose old clothing and make them almost new again! Read on for ideas.

Turn old shirts into off-shoulder tops

Photo credits to Nicola Lemmon

Shirts are one of the most classic pieces of clothing that everyone own. Turn your old shirt into something completely different with a few folds and twists. DIY it into an off-shoulder shirt with just a few simple steps:

1. Button the two buttons in the middle of your bust.
2. Pull the shirt on both sides down your shoulders, folding the collar at the back inside the shirt.
3. Tie the bottom of the shirt into a bow or tuck it into your skirt/pants.
4. Roll your sleeves and away you go!


Polka Dot Shorts

Photo credits to Michelle Edgemont

Instead of spending extra money on a new pair of shorts, a quick DIY with fabric paint will transform it in no time! Here’s how you can do it:

1. Squeeze a good amount of fabric paint onto scrap paper.
2. Dip the eraser edge of a pencil into the paint.
3. Starting on the front of the shorts, press the eraser onto the fabric making a dot.
4. Create one line of dots along the top of your shorts.
5. Place another line of dots under the first, with each dot in between the two above it.
6. Keep dotting!
7. Let the first side of your shorts dry according to the directions on your paint.
8. Flip the shorts over and use the eraser and paint to create more polka dots.
9. Wait until they are dry, and your new shorts are ready!


Pom-Pom Sleeved Sweater

Photo credits to Refinery29

Do not throw out that sweater that you’re no longer wearing! 3D embellishments have been a huge fashion trend up till today. Simply sew some pom-poms on the sleeves to decorate your sweater and you can wear it out again! Purchase some medium size pom-poms from any DIY craft shop near you and follow the steps below:

1. Thread your needle, then tie a knot at the end.
2. Figure out where you want to place your pom-pom by the wrist of the sweater.
3. Begin sewing from the top of the pom-pom.
4. Stitch down through the centre of the pom-pom, and through the sweater and up back through again.
5. Repeat a couple of times to ensure that the pom-pom is on tight.
6. Tie off the thread to secure and trim the excess thread.
7. Continue to sew on pom-poms in lines along the sleeve.
8. You’re done!


Pocket Tee

Photo credits to PS I made this

Got bored of the pocket plain tee that you’re always wearing? Spice them up by adding rick rack fabric onto it and keep these summer vibes going all year long! Follow the simple steps to achieve the rick rack pocket tee:

1. Measure and cut the rick rack fabric to the same width of the pocket.
2. Repeat this with each colour until you reach the bottom ‘V’ of the pocket. The final piece of trim will be a bit shorter than the rest.
3. Make sure your rick rack is in the order you like before gluing down.
4. Place glue on the back of the rick rack fabric.ip: place a piece of cardboard in between the fabric in case the glue soaks through.)
5. Press down and hold for a few seconds.
6. Repeat!
7. Let your t-shirt dry completely before wearing.
8. You’re ready to wear your new t-shirt


No Sew Dress

Photo credits to Kier Couture

Transform your unwanted maxi dress into a new dress. Simply cut it short to make into a sundress. This requires no sewing, follow these steps to transform your dress:

1. Lay a tank top or sports bra that fits you over the unwanted maxi dress to get an idea of the sleeve placement and cut triangles off the corners- trim a few inches below where the sleeves of your tank top fall.
2. Cut out the neck and back, trim it until it has the shape you want.
3. Tie sleeve straps together in a double knot.
4. Make sure you make the straps long enough so that you have enough fabric to tie them together.
5. You’re ready to wear your new dress!

If you’ve grown tired of some clothes or have clothes that don’t fit anymore, you can repurpose them rather than throwing them away. Have fun trying out the ideas and give your old clothes a new life!