[Urban Feeds] Back to School Essentials

The best part about heading back to school is to shop for new supplies! Get ready for school with this list of essentials, read on to find out what they are!

Writing Materials

Mijia Sign Pen (Gold) Bundle of 5, $39.90

Xiaomi Mijia pens are made with 0.5mm high-precision carbide ball which makes them durable and enables you to enjoy smooth writing. Furthermore, there are refills available for these pens, which means you can reuse the casings, reducing wastage. Get your hands on these stylish yet environmental-friendly pens for the new school term from UrbanFox Store today!


Note Books

(Pack of 3) A5 Single Line Ring Notebook, $24.90

Get ready for classes with new notebooks and keep all your jottings in order. It helps to keep track of your homework, study sessions, and assignment due dates. Penning down in a notebook helps you to reinforce your memory of the important points that are to be taken note of, and it provides a good avenue for you to refer to whenever you need to refresh your memory. Notebooks are an essential tool especially when it comes to studying for examinations or prepping you for major assignments.


Sticky Notes

Photo credits to Daria Nepriakhina

Sticky notes are more than just a compact writing pad. You can use it for multiple purposes! Use it to mark important sections in a book or scribble on them to take notes down for easy reference subsequently. They are also great for organising as you can use them to index the different sections in your notebook and textbooks.


Water Bottles

Hydroflask Standard Mouth White 18Oz, $56.90

 Carrying a water bottle around helps you to stay hydrated throughout the day! Dehydration is caused by insufficient water intake to replace what we lose throughout the day, and tiredness is one of the first signs of dehydration. Staying hydrated helps you to concentrate and feel revitalised throughout the school day. Shop for more water bottles here.



Herschel Little America Backpack, $117.90

A sturdy backpack is an absolute must have. Always choose a backpack with padded straps and a wide base as it discourages bad postures. It is also good practice to not load the backpack with too many items to prevent aches and pains. Be sure to choose the right one that fits you! Shop more school bags here.

Have fun preparing for the new school term and shopping for your back to school necessities!